Surgeries Resume on Monday, January 16

January 13, 2017

UPDATE: All testing and sterilization has been completed successfully. Surgeries will resume on a normal schedule on Monday, January 16.

On Thursday, January 12, a leak in a section of the sterile processing room resulted in possible contamination of surgical instruments stored there. None of the five operating rooms were affected.

Out of an abundance of caution, all 19 OR surgeries for Friday were cancelled. Patients were notified and Fauquier Health worked with physician offices to reschedule those patients.

The leak has been repaired. Air and surface test results, performed by a national company, should be available Saturday afternoon. The decision whether or not to resume surgeries on Monday will made when all available information is compiled.

The affected areas are being resterilized. Any equipment that cannot be sterilized has been disposed of and new materials purchased.

Fauquier Hospital’s OB/GYN operating suite has not been affected; sterile instruments are available there to handle any possible obstetrical or gynecological surgeries for the foreseeable future.

Fauquier Health’s surgical site infection rate (SSI) is 0.39 percent, as compared to the national rate of 2.1 percent. Fauquier Health is committed to delivering high-quality, safe care to all our patients. We are working to remedy the ongoing situation as quickly as possible.
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