Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Unfamiliar with CGM monitoring diabetes? Continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMs) are a new technology in diabetes care that helps people with diabetes determine their glucose levels on a continuous basis. A small, disposable sensor goes underneath the skin, which measures glucose levels in a person’s “interstitial fluid” – the tissue fluid that surrounds cells – every five minutes. The reading is then displayed on an electronic sensor resembling a pager that a person with diabetes wears.

A continuous glucose monitor system has many advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to talk with your physician to determine if continuous glucose monitoring is right for you.

Fauquier Health offers continuous glucose monitoring systems as part of their Diabetes Services. The new diabetes technology offering includes a 24-hour profile of blood sugar fluctuations for 3 days.

Continuous glucose monitoring is ideal for fine tuning therapy and behavioral changes for better diabetes management outcomes. It is covered by some insurances with a doctor’s referral & preauthorization.


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If you’re interested in learning more about Fauquier Health’s diabetes treatment options or CGM monitoring diabetes, visit our Diabetes Services page or call us at (540) 316-5000.

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